Targeting weight loss: how to lose weight in a localized way?

Targeting weight loss: how to lose weight in a localized way?

Autumn has arrived but no way to let the kilos settle!

Have you always dreamed of thin arms, slender thighs, a flat stomach or a star kidney? Weight loss by zone is an approach that allows you to adapt your lifestyle to areas that tend to get fatter. This targeted approach focuses on 3 fronts that we will now review in detail.

Here are three steps for Targeted fat loss treatment Derby LA Lipo:

1st essential step: Start a diet

Each of us has a basic morphology, which involves some inequality in fat storage and weight loss.

First idea, it is NOT POSSIBLE to lose weight locally only through food. However, a slimming diet is needed when we want to redraw our silhouette. This weight loss can be intensified with the use of food supplements with interesting properties. Whether they are draining, diuretic, heavy cuts or fat burners, they will allow you to multiply your efforts to reach your goal.

The advice of our dietitian: Do not underestimate vitamin supplements. Know that in case of vitamin deficiencies, weight loss is blocked or greatly slowed down. Do not make unnecessary efforts: Find our dietary supplements slimming in the slimming aids range as well as our multivitamin supplement.

 2nd step For Targeted fat loss treatment: Practice GOOD sport

The sport; it’s THE real TARGETING solution.

Coupled with feeding efforts, the sport will quickly produce an effect on the chosen area . We will present here some sporting practices that are simple to implement.

Slimming THE BELLY:

Trouble to close the button of your favorite jeans? Here is the non-exhaustive list of sports to remedy!

Slimming belly

We go back to the abs! But do them at your own pace. You can start with 4 sets of 25 spaced one minute of breathing. Think of the gym, the Pilates Method, the ground bar, but also the sports that require a major body work such as swimming (try the backstroke) and running which are among the most effective. Finally, a good dose of laughter will be right for these small balls provided that it is common!

Mincing ARMs :

Want to redraw the curve of your arms?

Lose weight

It’s time to take out your dumbbells! They will allow you to effectively work your arms with a battery of exercises while giving free rein to your imagination! Easy, inexpensive (2 bottles of water will do) and practice from home, why not in front of your favorite soap opera! Also think of swimming, tennis and badminton but not to push too much, we do not want to develop shoulders of rugby!


No more soft buttocks, slinky dresses, sexy slims and undressed jeans: you can also work on your hips and buttocks!

Slimming buttocks

For this, running will be your best ally; to practice alone or with friends; for a minimum of 30 minutes. You can also fall back to childhood with a little jump rope while also working the abs! Generally, opt for any sport that will solicit your glutes: steps, abdo-glutes, dance, surfing, windsurfing…

On a daily basis, you can also make contractions of the glutes, in the elevator or in the office. Take the stairs, the subway, the bike, WALK rather than opt for easy solutions. And it’s better for the environment!

Refine the THIGHS:

Lose thighs

To lose weight thighs, the idea is to muscle and especially to stretch and lengthen your figure. The cycling, running or swimming are practicing to strengthen the musculature of this area. It will be necessary especially to take care to stretch well before and after the efforts in order to model its silhouette and to avoid the compression of the muscles. For that, it is also wise to be interested in soft sports and stretching, such as yoga and soft gymnastics.