Teeth Whitening for Seniors

Teeth Whitening for Seniors

We all dream of it, and the proliferation of whitening bars proves it: white teeth are popular. But between false promises and unconvincing results, what are the techniques that really work? Our laser teeth whitening for seniors roundup to boost the white and find a real laugh out loud.


Teeth whitening: I want a bright smile!

White and glowing teeth? “It has become a huge demand from patients, whatever their age,” confirms Dr. Alain Amzalag, dentist and author of many books *. Normal, a beautiful smile revives self-esteem, pulls the lines up, lifts the face and instantly makes it look better. But some studies show that it also influences the vision of others: with a “perfect” smile, you are automatically perceived as a more open, more sociable person. So more pleasant and more voluntary.


From there to say that with equal skills, it makes the difference when recruiting, there is only one step. As for the impact on the intimate and loving life, it is even more obvious: “A bright white smile is an invitation to kiss, the latter being the beginning of the love relationship, its fundamental preliminary . not sure of his smile, we do not give up, ” says Dr. Amzalag. So, a desire to please oneself, or others, more hesitation. Overview of different techniques to make his teeth more beautiful and whiter.


Teeth whitening at the dentist: a convincing result!

Thinning of the teeth in stages

The principle: This chemical process works by oxidation with 6% hydrogen peroxide gel (or Cardamine peroxide between 10% and 18% maximum, less concentrated) applied in flexible gutters, custom-designed by the dentist. They wear an average of one hour a day for two weeks. The most difficult being to dose alone each day the gel (neither too much nor too little) in the gutter …


It works? Very well, provided you are patient: “The change is almost imperceptible over the days, but we finally get a clarification of two to four shades, which is huge,” says doctor Jean-Pierre Salama, dentist. Provided, however, to have a good quality of enamel, to be validated by the practitioner through an oral examination. Otherwise, we may get a result that is not very uniform.


For who? The followers of the sweet methods. And those who monitor their budget: “Gutters can be reused for a possible another bleaching,” says Dr. Philippe Fiat, a dentist in Saint-Cloud.


The price: Count on average between 400 and 600 € the first time, 150 €, or even less after.


Ceramic whiteners for my teeth

The principle: A little way false nails, it is a question of sticking facets, sort of thin slats to measure and clearer than the teeth, after having slightly reduced their surface enamel (a few tenths of a millimeter) to avoid a thickness not very natural. Two to three painless sessions are needed.


It works? Nothing to say. It’s white from white. Some small flaws: the teeth are “cut” irreversibly, it happens (rarely, but it happens) that the facets are peeled off.


For who? Everyone, and especially people prone to major discolorations that would resist a chemical bleaching. Or those with imperfect teeth: it can be used to repair broken angles and perfect alignment of the jaw.


The price: It is an investment of about 500 € per tooth, but it takes at least ten years.



Teeth whitening in my bathroom: a random result

Home appliances for whitening teeth

The principle: That of certain professional processes, simplified to the extreme. On the Net, there are still some preformed gutters. Caution if you are tempted: check that the composition of the gel to be associated with it does not exceed the authorized concentration (0.1% of hydrogen peroxide, it is the maximum for self-service products). In the slightest doubt, abstain. On the other hand, do not look for these famous kits on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies. Missing …


On the other hand, we find at Carrefour the DCWH7 De Rio Teeth Whitener, 39.99 € . This device has a tip in which the whitening gel is applied. We slide it on the teeth, before exposing them to the blue LED light (nothing to do with a UV lamp or a laser), 20 min per day during a week to eliminate the surface colorings, then once a month in maintenance.


It works? It is better not to expect a change of visible hue. But if you want to avoid the accumulation of food stains, why not?


For who? Those who are sure of their hygiene, are vigilant about their oral health, and regularly go to the dentist.


Specific toothpaste

The principle: Booster a cleaning formula with agents supposed to eliminate unsightly stains and colorations. Brushing the teeth requires only 3 minutes in the best case, no chemical agent has enough time to act. The idea is rather to “scratch” on the surface thanks to active ingredients such as bromelain (pineapple extract) acting as an enzymatic peel. But, as for the skin, a tip: not every day. For frequent use every other day, tubes are preferred with bicarbonate or mild polishing agents such as silica. Good idea: blue pigments and reflective nacres for an instant sparkle.


It works? Let’s be honest, no toothpaste is able to change the color of your teeth. On the other hand, we can expect a real effect on the brightness and reflection of light. So, yes, the teeth look brighter, brighter. Which is not bad. Not to mention that toothpaste is initially intended to attack plaque, which, poorly eliminated, becomes mineralized and becomes tartar, the number one enemy of whiteness …


For who? Everybody! Provided you do not believe in miracles.



White teeth thanks to armchair whitening: a process on standby

Since October 31, dentists no longer have the right to whiten teeth in one hour with highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide (35%) activated under a lamp. The clarification obtained was explosive, but “in a global concern of consumer protection” , the National Agency for the safety of the drug (ANSM) decided to follow the new European legislation in force and to limit the dosage of the professional products to 6 % maximum. The ANSM could, however, align with our European neighbors (Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain) and allow bleaching in a single session in the case of certain therapeutic indications of enamel malformation. To be continued…



Whitening of teeth thanks to the smiling bar: a controversial process

The principle: The same as the professional procedure in the chair under UV lamp (see box), except that there is the only master on board! So, even if the gel is slightly dosed (again, at 0.1%), it involves risks on sensitive gums or decayed teeth. “Some small cracks allow the product to penetrate, resulting in mortification of the tooth,” warns Dr. Amzalag. Danger, therefore, especially when you do it frequently.


It works? No, unfortunately, even if we have the impression of the opposite. Indeed, the product dehydrates the teeth, giving an impression of whiteness on the surface that can last more than a week.


For who? Those who would like to offer themselves despite all an ephemeral flash effect to the small budget. Count still about 70 €.



Maintenance of teeth whitening: essential for white teeth

We preserve his teeth enamel

During a whitening and in the 48 hours which follow, one avoids all the substances likely to stain the enamel: coffee, tea, wine, red fruits … and the cigarette. The following months, we try to rinse his mouth as soon as we have consumed. And we take the opportunity to stop smoking.


We brush our teeth regularly

If this is not already the case, we are forced to brush in the rules of art. After each meal, 3 min (at least 2), rubbing the upper and lower teeth separately.


We opt for the right toothbrush

You must choose knowingly. The advantages of the electric It performs the rotary movements back and forth in our place and seems more effective in the footsteps of coffee and tea.


The benefits of the manual toothbrush 

The pressure is better controlled, which is appreciable in the case of sensitive gums. And although it is advisable to change it every three months, it is less expensive.



Make-up tips for whiter teeth

By acting on the color of the lips, one boosts one’s smile.


Yes, with colored balms, with fruity raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry … accentuating the natural hue of the mouth and therefore, by contrast, the whiteness of the teeth. “In addition, they moisturize for a smooth and well-rounded, healthy, always more flattering to smile.Remember the old pub Ultra Brite …” fun Micky, make-up artist for Lancôme.


Rather addicted to the real sticks of lipstick? We can afford without hesitation the strong colors of winter: supported browns and burgundy are interesting to highlight the brightness of a dentition. On the other hand, one will be wary of all the pastels beige, pink or apricot, whose pigments would tend to accentuate the color defects and to make the teeth appear less clear than they are. And the mate trend, a must this season? “Yes, if you opt for a gloss or lacquer version, new textures in vogue, that bring a subtle dullness without the dry and dark side of a classic powdery red”, continues Micky