Veener is a thin layer of material placed over teeth which gives an elegant and attractive look to face as well as smile. The application of veeners also helps in the protection of tooth surface from decay and damage.Full veeners covers all the coronal tooth surfaces while laminated veeners only covers the surface of tooth and also generally used for the aesthetic purposes. Veeners are one of the effective option for aging patients to look younger and attractive. It surely gives the best option for Good teeth over 40s West Midlands as people start growing older. There are many surprising ways of looking youger but the greatest contribution in it is the way of smile can also give a younger look. The various ways are as follows:

*Gaps between teeth are fixed: If there is much gap between teeth or if it is uneven in size then veeners are best alternative in filling minor gaps or elongates the teeth which give sexier and healthier smile.

* Veeners provide best and quick solution to crooked teeth but if someone has time one can opt for traditional braces depending upon the recommendation of dentist.

*Dentist use veeners if someone is losing facial volume, a traditional face lift also helps. Bonding or veeners are used by dentist to build out back teeth which supports cheekbones and it also softens nasolabial folds.

So one will be benefitted both with younger smile as well as better cheekbones can be treated together during the same treatment. Cosmetic dentistry includes techniques which help in shaping of face like face lifts, changing few teeth or all new sets of teeth can be implanted to give an elegant smile and attractive look. Patients look younger after the treatment and more younger. If well done veeners are applied then it resists for 15 years or more. Imperfections can be concealed by strong and more realistic veeners but for it proper planning is needed. The use of porcelain veeners by dentist corrects the appearance of asymmetrical smile. With the help of smile line skilled dentist can analyze the position of teeth better and its proper adjustment can be done.

Dentist also consider overall  shape of patients face, if patients have thinner face then wider veeners are used as a result it prevents enlongated facial appearance. Dentist also recommends longer veeners for patients having round face. For the youthful smile, longer and whiter teeth are best. Veeners are so perfectly designed that it gives brighter, properly aligned and symmetrical smile on face. All these treatments are gives a natural and younger smile on face and also patient looks younger. The healthy characteristics of smile with the outer characteristic are best complimented by veeners. Even the higher quality are further customized and painted by hand to give a natural look.

The porcelain veeners are very effective and unique in treatment of cosmetic dentistry and also keeps Good teeth over 40s. With the help of porcelain veeners, following imperfections can be reduced or can be made negligible as follows:





*Worn-down teeth

Thus it gives perfect, appearance and elegant attractive look.