How to combat dark spots on the skin


Surely by now you will know that skipping the beauty routine can cause skin breakouts, but can it make you look older? Unfortunately Yes. If you stop washing your face daily, the dead cells will begin to accumulate on the surface. All that dirt blocks the penetration of moisturizers and anti-aging creams. What makes your skin go out and lose luminosity?


How to avoid this problem? 


Take care of your skin as seriously as you choose your clothing colors. We always look for excuses, but the reality is that we must pay the same attention to our skin as to other external care such as hair, nails or teeth. Lipo Sculpt non-surgical facelift Northants


If you do not have time to wash your face in the morning, at least clean it with a cotton swab with a tonic. But at the end of the day, there is no excuse; you have to wash your face, even if you have not put on makeup. There is always sebum and contaminants to eliminate.


And this is not all, an exfoliation twice a week is essential to have a healthy young skin.




The sun is the reason why those dark spots that we hate so much begin to appear on our faces. UV rays can detonate an excess in the production of melanin in the skin, and the effect this has on your appearance is aging as are wrinkles.


Surely you will ask: How is a sunspot? Simple and simply is like a big freckle of a single color.


How to avoid this problem? 


Use sunscreen. Many people think that if the damage is done, it can no longer be solved, but they are very wrong. This is a serious mistake, because the longer you take to act, the problem will get much worse. It’s never too late to start using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more daily.




The cold air and the heating of the closed places break the natural barrier of our skin and cause it to look stained, which sometimes peels and at the same time looks older. A dry, rough and scaly skin, over time becomes opaque and lifeless.


How to treat it



To have a beautiful and well-groomed face, the first thing you should do is buy a good moisturizer that is right for your skin type. If you have normal skin, but with a tendency to acne, use a light one and on your label say no comedogenic.


Those who have oily skin, can use only one serum, and for those with dry skin, use superhydrating creams. Do not forget that you should hydrate twice a day (morning and night). And before going to bed, put on an anti-aging cream to get double benefits.