The best natural beauty remedies with plants 

Although medicine has advanced a lot in recent decades, traditional medicine continues to be part of our lives to complement it. Under medical supervision, this can help us prevent, alleviate and even in some cases cure some health problems. The medicinal plants are a great example of this. Hifu Berkshire


Thanks to the challenge ‘ Natural Remedies with Plants ‘ , made in conjunction with the Plants channel , and above all thanks to the members of RED who have been encouraged to participate in it, we have learned new remedies that will help us to continue taking care of ourselves naturally.


The first remedies that we would like to share with you are aimed at combatinghypertension . The first one is a drink made with onion, garlic, honey or stevia and lemon; while the second is based on the power of the aroma of lavender. Both teach us how to prepare them on the Natural Health and Beauty blog .



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The next remedy is dedicated especially to those friends who suffer dysmenorrhea or, what is the same, very painful menstruation. Elixir blog to live teaches us how cinnamon, mugwort or millenary can help us to alleviate these annoying monthly symptoms.


The blog Soluciones Caseras , for its part, proposes a carrot cream, a milk lotion and a damiana infusion to combat wrinkles ! Along with proper nutrition, proper hydration and some exercises, your skin will be much healthier and younger.


Do you know evening primrose oil? It is ideal for, among other things, relieving the dreaded premenstrual syndrome(SPM), also combat polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, and even good for diabetes, the digestive system and hair. The blog Armonía Corporal talks about all this .


Do you know who Edward Bach was? Maybe he does not know him but his famous flowers do. The Bach Flower therapy consists of thirty eight natural preparations that can help to improve our health remarkably. You want to know more? Pharmaceutical Inma Vinué tells us.





Sneezing, tearing, rhinitis, asthma, urticaria, conjunctivis … does it sound? So are the symptoms of pollen allergy or pollinosis! In the blog Silvan Nature they explain how nettle, green tea, mint, chamomile, laurel, licorice and marvelous citrus can help us to relieve them so that nothing spoils the spring.


If we observe the rhythm of life that we lead, it is not surprising that we feel exhausted or that we lack the strength to face our daily tasks and obligations. Therefore, the blog Remedios Naturales y Caseros points us five remedies to get the energy you need: a vegetable juice with celery, cucumber and parsley among its main ingredients, a juice of coconut and spirulina, a liquefied banana, another with kiwi, orange, apple and grapes and a delicious smoothie with milk of almonds, strawberries and bananas.


Finally, dandelion can help us eliminate inflammation, reduce our weight and improve our skin.