The crisis and health



The current unstable economic situation is painting us a somewhat bleak picture: unemployment, bankruptcy for some, inability to save … and now, in addition, could add a higher incidence of some diseases . Undoubtedly, everything that happens in our environment and more if it affects us completely, can condition us psychologically and these changes can reduce our health. Spire Aesthetics treatments


In fact, for months now there has been talk of an increase in visits to psychologists , but now experts also say that rates of stress-related diseases are increasing. Knowing how to handle the situation and try to affect us as little as possible is in our hands.


Our defenses go down with the crisis

The global economic crisis has brought about a series of changes in the social and personal landscape that may have modified our way of seeing life in a good way. In this sense, the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) has noticed how medical consultations related to stress have increased considerably since the beginning of this nefarious stage.


For the specific situation we are living in, Dr. Coromines, professor of immunology at Tries i Pujol Hospital, explains that what is being observed is an “important increase in respiratory diseases, such as colds or flu, skin conditions such as herpes, headaches and extreme tiredness among others “.




To try to reduce these effects, “it is very important to identify the origin of these diseases, in the vast majority of stress derived from economic or work problems,” says psychologist and professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid Paco Rodríguez. “To understand the importance of the impact of current stress, it should be noted that in different studies it has been observed that for approximately 75% of the population, money and work are the main sources of stress , a fact that is triggered in times of crisis like the one we are experiencing, “adds the specialist.


How does the crisis affect us?

It is obvious that a bad personal economic situation can affect anyone and the experts point out as the main sequels the lack of sleep due to the worries associated with the crisis and a bad diet , since we tend to live faster and care less. All this, makes our body can enter a phase of exhaustion and generates a situation of continued stress that can harm us both physically and psychologically.


Given this, the semFYC wants to give a series of prevention measures and promotion of healthy habitsthat allow these difficulties to be faced with a greater level of physical and psychological health. One of the most important is to strengthen the defenses, especially of those people who, due to their age or their state of health, need it. On the other hand, as it could not be otherwise, we must make the Mediterranean diet  our great bulwark, since its variety of nutrients are the basis of good health.


Mediterranean diet


Also, experts recommend that we should give up or reduce the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and exciting drinks , and resume healthy habits such as moderate exercise such as a good walk, dancing, cycling or doing yoga , which is also very relaxing.


On the other hand, remember the importance of following an optimal and regular sleep schedule to avoid insomnia problems, and always go to our doctor before any alteration of our body, since he is the best can advise and teach us to take care of our health.