Top tips for loosing weight this summer

In the summer, you will be tempted by ice creams and other sweets. When you get home, you realize that you are no longer in your clothes and you are on the scale. And here is the drama: how to lose weight easily? How to slim thighs? … You want it. What if you started eating the right foods? To avoid an anxiety attack, sixteen foods are proposed for you to eat this summer so as not to gain weight.


Did your friend tell you about a miracle diet Lipo Freeze2u? Forget ! There is no magic product to lose weight in one night. The real secret to having a balanced and healthy figure is to eat everything without excess.


A Researcher r from the University of California says you have to eat something that makes you happy, so that you feel full. If you eat a salad and a little chicken lunch, while you dream of a pizza, you will still be hungry in the middle of the afternoon and you will nibble.


Enjoy the summer to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. If you do not have ideas for light foods to cook , here are ours:


Fruits that help you lose weight

The watermelon

Watermelon is the fruit of summer. It is rich in water, so low in calories. We eat it for dessert or to taste it at the edge of the beach. Most ? If you drink little water, it hydrates you and burns most of the calories you eat during the day.


The strawberries

Like many fruits, strawberries consist of a lot of fiber and nutrients. However, they are part of the fruits that contain the least calories and are easily edible.



Raspberries contain fewer calories than any other berry. Its slightly sweet and acidic taste awakens your taste buds and brings you back to distant memories. The worry is that once you have eaten one, you can not stop.


Iced fruits

When you eat cold fruit, your metabolism spends more energy to warm your body. As a result, you burn calories without even realizing it. Brian C.Weiner, a professor at the University of Florida, says it’s best to eat them as drinks. On the other hand, it is not very easy to mix frozen fruits.



Summer and winter, the tomato invites itself on your plate. You can enjoy them on kebabs, salads or as an aperitif dinner .


The perfect vegetables for balanced dishes

Summer squash

You can stuff zucchini with fresh sun vegetables: tomatoes, carrots … All seasoned with a light sauce. You can also make gourmet and balanced pastas at once.


The cabbage

Cabbage is an excellent base for summer salads . If you’re not a fan of cabbage, you can put some in your smoothies.


The combo Greek yogurt + cabbage, you can not fall into the trap of too fat dishes. You can mix the cabbage with mango, banana and other sweet foods.


Grilled vegetables

And if you went to barbecue veggie  ? Less caloric than meat, vegetables are your slimming allies. They fill your daily contributions and take care of your body.



Cucumbers are rich in water. They prevent your body from dehydrating and they allow you to cool off during periods of high heat (well, if you find the sun).


The lawyer

The lawyer is life! It puts some pep in your plates, it turns into delicious guacamole for your aperitifs with friends …


It is rich in fiber and omega 3. However, dietitians agree that it should not be abused.